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The Promotion Problem

Most businesses running promotions online are faced with a dilemma. Do you:

A) Let someone else control your promotions on their site, in exchange for ease of use and eyeballs.

B) Control your own promotions on your site, requiring 10x the effort and often for poorer results.

The SurfLoyal Solution

What if you could have the best of both worlds? The ease of use, power and traction of third party sites, while maintaining full control of the promotions on your website.

Meet SurfLoyal. Our powerful automation allows you to run more successful promotions, more frequently, with a fraction of the effort and all from your own website.

You're in Control

SurfLoyal enables you to plan ahead and budget for promotions that suit your business. Once your plan is in place, our powerful automation handles the heavy lifting and the nitty-gritty. Never again will you worry about promotion launch, distribution, payments or redemption - we got all that covered.

Even better, we let you take all the credit. Customers don't know our name - just yours.

How It Works

Make it yours

After signing up for SurfLoyal, our team will customize your promotions page. You choose the colors, wording, background and images to fit your brand. Your page will have a SurfLoyal URL ( or, for an even more tailored experience, embed the platform directly into your existing website.

"Plan your work..."

Plan a whole month of promotions to ensure you’re on budget, in sync with events and promoting every part of your business. SurfLoyal easily allows you to set a time limit for how long promotions run or even set a limit for how many you sell. It's all up to you.

" your plan."

Here is where you shine! Talk to your people and get them in on the action. Whether by Facebook, Twitter, email, radio, TV or in store - your people want to hear from you.

We won't steal your thunder (or your Likes), this is all about you.

Straight to their pocket

After purchasing your promotion, SurfLoyal sends a code via text message to the customer. No apps to download and no vouchers to print. All promotions are redeemed from the unique SMS code.

Redeem in Store

Once in store, customers show their SMS voucher code. The SurfLoyal redemption tool clearly indicates if the code is valid or what issues are causing it to be invalid (expired, already redeemed, wrong location, etc). This ensures codes are only used properly and once. No more rudimentary spreadsheets. No more double dipping.

*Note: the redemption tool works on any web enabled device (some POS systems, computers, tablets, phones).

The SurfLoyal Difference

Custom Webpage

SurfLoyal gives your company a custom page for your promotions. Use this page to drive traffic to your site, grow your following and sell your brand. Let us know if you are interested in embedding your promotions directly into your existing website.

Powerful Automation

SurfLoyal let's you set up promotions to run in the future. We handle promotion launch, distribution, payments and redemption - so you can stay focused on running your business.

You're in Charge

Your promotions are yours. We don't force you into a certain discount or decide when promotions are run. It's all up to you. You run the promotions that make the most sense for your business.

Unlimited Promotions

SurfLoyal gives you the ability to run monthly, weekly or daily promotions. Our pricing encourages you to run more promotions more frequently. Each new promotion is a great opportunity to connect with your online audience and build your following.

Fraction of the Cost

SurfLoyal is a fraction of the cost of Daily Deal sites, which can take up to 50% of your revenue. Pricing is based on the number of participating locations and how many promotions you sell. Our per promotion price can be as low as 25¢ which is a lot easier on your bottom line.

Redemption Tool

SurfLoyal's redemption tool is dead simple and ensures your promotions are redeemed properly. It automatically tracks data for reports and helps you improve your promotions. Even better, it is accessible from any device that can surf the web.

Corporate Management

To keep your brand consistent and prevent contradicting messaging. Promotions are created at the corporate level and can be launched from a corporate or branch level. This gives location managers the ability to run promotions that best fit their store.

Immediate Payments

Revenue from your promotions goes straight to your bank account. Giving you full financial control allows you to handle refunds, expiries, and other customer issues as your company sees fit.

Measurable Results

Know exactly how many people view, purchase and redeem your promotions. Our reports give you insight into the success of your efforts. No more guessing the impact of your marketing dollars.


SurfLoyal pricing is value-based and determined by three factors: participating locations, promotions sold & upfront commitment. There are no other hidden costs, contracts or set up fees.

Location Price

Cost per Participating Location

Promotion Price

Cost per Promotion Sold Upfront Commitment
$1 Monthly
50¢ Six Months
25¢ Twelve Months

Get SurfLoyal

SurfLoyal makes running promotions simple, fast and powerful. Take control of your promotions. To sign up, learn more or speak to SurfLoyal directly, please contact us at:


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